Sydney Institute of Marine Science Building 19 Chowder Bay Road Mosman NSW 2088

Contact Information

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Dr. Paloma Matis

Research associate, visiting research fellow

Research interests:

  • Ecology and early life history of marine fishes
  • Climate change impacts on marine ecosystems
  • Community dynamics of fish assemblages and how this relates to habitat availability and oceanography
  • Impacts of environmental change on species distributions, physiology and behaviour


I have always been passionate about the marine environment and this led me to undertake a BSc at The University of Sydney majoring in Biology and Marine Science. Once I completed my BSc, I undertook an honours project with Associate Prof. Will Figueira, Prof. Iain Suthers and Prof. Ross Coleman exploring how the physical oceanography of the East Australian Current shapes larval fish communities and growth rates off the coast of NSW.

I went on to complete my PhD under the supervision of Prof. David Booth and Dr Andrew Hoey at the University of Techn Sydney. My PhD research explored habitat associations of reef fishes across tropical to temperate latitudes to better understand implications for ocean warming and species range expansion. My research focused on questions at a range of scales from community dynamics to individuals. Continuing with this research, I then completed a Postdoc with Dave exploring pre and post settlement performance of coral reef fishes within their natal range vs. novel temperate reef environments.

I’m currently a research associate based at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science where I coordinate the IMOS Larval Fish Monitoring Program. I am also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of New South Wales in the FAMER Lab.

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